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  • Coppers, Yellows and Magentas playing chequers on a Turquoise colour mountain lake. The interplay of the four colours flowing in both warp and weft creates sublime magic. Nuanced use of Zari bring alive the Magenta in royal hues. A saree to capture that attention of any occasion or gathering by its dazzling & contemporary play of colours.

    Body is in Turquoise, pleats are Magenta and Copper stripes, pallu is in Copper & Magenta with subtle Zari weave. Ornate Zari border completes the festive look.


    Definitely delicate gold Jewelry will compliment very well.

    A play of combinations, three colours playing in Weft and Warp, surfacing surprising hues. Few artisans have the imagination to create such a saree.

     Warp woven in a deeper colour lends a mesmerizing sun & shade effect, lending glimpses of Jade in Turquoise and peeks of Purple in Magenta. It’s a triumph of imagination.

    Despite the ornate and festive look, the fabric is amazingly light and comfortable even in summers.


    Blouse is in Magenta.

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