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Choco Chips

  • A stately combination of Black and Gold on White. The expanse of White highlights the weave of each Zari and Black thread, allowing you to imagine the artist at work, placing and adjusting each weft by hand.

    The Zari borders with black highlights, leave the field open for the triangular motifs to bloom in Mulberry Silk on the body and palla of the saree. The simplicity of design is what makes it an enchantress.


    An elegant piece of work to breeze through a workday.


    Oxidized jewelry would enhance the charm.


    An understated work, this reflects the modern nuances of subtlety in a traditional weave.Woven in Cotton and Silk, this fabric has the luster or Silk and the comfort of Cotton, and a graceful fall of fabric.


    Blouse is in Black.

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