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Wildflowers- Aqua

  • Aquatic Wildflowers floating in the crystal waters. The exquisite handwork adorns the palla, surfacing in stylish contrast with the fabric.

    This unassuming but charming saree from Chanderi is made from the finest Silk and Cotton threads, its lightness making it a graceful all day office wear. Its easy to maintain, and requires only a gentle handwash.


    Semi-precious stone jewelry lends a touch of glam.

     Graceful, extremely light, all season fabric.

    The handwork in this creation is done painstakingly, weft by weft, with each movement of the handloom.


    Blouse is in Light Blue.

  • The saree has been handwoven in finest silk and cotton threads and flower motifs are created throughout the body and palla of the saree

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