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Don't just unhook, remove!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Every one deserves a good night’s sleep. We are often too tired to give ourselves that time that truly relaxes our mind and body before that much needed good night’s sleep. We don’t trail away from the day gradually and without that sometimes drop dead on the bed. Before that stage arrives in the evening, one should recognize and do the most needed 2 – 3 pre sleep routines. Brushing teeth and hair, washing face and feet, removing all the tight garments and putting on your most soothing fabric night wear for your sleep.

If you are sleepy, everything else can wait, you have shared your time and energy with everyone. Now relax!!! and trail away in your cocoon.

The primary purpose of this garment that we devised called the bra is “support”, use the right one for the right purpose and don’t use when you don’t have a use for it, like for sleeping. The soft skin around the breasts is held firmly on an average for 12 hours for most women. This support also comes with a cost of less circulation around the most tender body part and requires complete escape from tight clasps and of wearing a garment that allows airflow around the curves allowing the skin to breathe.

If by any chance you are in your home clothes while you are sleepy, don’t just undo the bra, take time to remove and be in your night clothes and do your other routines that you feel are good for your sleep.

So don’t just unhook, remove.

Sleep well ladies!!!

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