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The joy of sharing

Hathkarghastores was conceptualized not in a day. Its all the many years of my life how these beauties captivated me. To attending art fairs at Rabindra Bhavan, Gohar Mahal and Bhopal Hart, to seeing my mother elegantly carrying these creations every weekday to work, to be lucky to visit the artisans and handlooms in early impressionable years of my life and later also realizing the very little environmental impact it has in the production process. College days got me to try on the Indian suits made out of the hand woven fabrics and the comfort was plenty that I got forever glued to these handmade fabrics.

The simplistic life and peace that's felt around the artisans is immeasurable. Everyone needs to earn a bread for themselves and family members, but the real joy of an artisan that I happen to witness glinting in their eyes comes from the people who hold their creation and are lost gazing at these beauties. The price for their creation is notional for them. No Math, no numbers can be put to use to quantify the experience.

How I wished to share the many different designs and patterns created by the hands of the artisans is a joy I wish to share through The collection is handpicked and bought out from the artisans of Maheshwar and Chanderi.

The products are priced to come easy on the pockets of the one buying it. The margins are used to keep it flowing, getting the costs of logistics, packaging and some other bits covered. I never put a sale on any items and buy as per my cupboard size and preserve all the purchases well. The idea is to spread awareness, bringing attention to many who might not have known about the richness of our art heritage and the ways of creating magic with low environmental impact. I would urge people who read this article to not buy if they can do with what they have, but if they do, might as well buy from our weavers and make that your own fashion statement!

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