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A Day With The Weavers

A Day in July 2020 at the #Narmada Ghat of Maheshwar was the most serene experience one can have, had it not been for the lockdown, the place would have been abuzz with pilgrims from Maheshwar and near by villages, towns and cities, paying visit to the Shiv temple on the ghat in the auspicious month of Sawan.

The visit to the ghat in the morning was followed by treading the empty streets of that quaint town where as we approached the weavers' houses, the silence gradually got replaced with the rhythmic clickety clack of the #handloom. The song of the looms got enhanced on the sight of the colourful threads #silk and #Cotton and the shuttle adding a weft and bringing alive the finished fabric.

The humble faces and ever welcoming warmth of the weavers is like meeting God.

The grandmother in this weaver's home still helps in filling the bobbin and also in dyeing of threads and embraces every guest with a hug and shows her blessing by keeping her hand on the head.

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