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Why Handloom: Environmental Sustainability

The passage to making a Handloom fabric is eco friendly. The loom is run with human hands and doesn't use any fuel, thereby not leaving any pollutants as a by-product. Its a clean and green passage to getting the end product.

Water Pollution:

Factory made fabric leave a bigger impact on the environment. They are one the worlds biggest contributors to polluting the rivers with harmful chemicals. The untreated water (without pollutant removal)has been an ongoing threat to aquatic life and life on earth.

Air Pollution:

The soot from the factories has been polluting the air.

If the masses move to choosing a handwoven fabric, the positive results would be humongous.

Land Pollution:

Factories dump fiber lint, fiber scraps, trimmings in the landfills. The wasted and retained sludge in waste water treatment also becomes the dump of these landfills.

Its only fair to move to a choice of fabric which are handwoven. There is a need for the masses to become more and more aware and move towards handloom for all their fabric needs.

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